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  • "There's a new place to hang out and it's made for people involved in agriculture."

    Ken Wilcox

    AgNet West

  • "We have used AgFuse to make irrigators aware of potential hazards of streaking in corn."

    Daniel Hunter

    Carolina Irrigation Solutions

  • "I appreciate the network and community AgFuse is building for farmers and ag professionals."

    Monica Pape

    The Accidental Agronomist

  • "Awesome way to connect, communicate, and stay informed if you're into ag. Sign up, it's free!"

    Rodney Michael


  • "AgFuse is a good reminder not only of the infinite possibilities for technology’s role in agriculture, but of how technology can go a long way towards bringing people together."

    Lauren Manning


  • "I use AgFuse to stay up to date on timely issues that affect my operation. Since the site is customized based on my crops and location, all of the posts and articles are relevant to me."

    Josh Branch


  • "AgFuse is the first social media platform of its kind, which means it has a lot of potential for development."

    Rachel Cypher

    Startup Southerner

  • "I've been involved with AgFuse since the beta testing began. Great platform, long overdue, and shows a ton of promise!"

    JP Hodges

    Hodges Farms

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