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Marc Suderman Yakima, WA
1 years, 2 months ago
Today is the first day of spring 2018!

Here’s 6 Fun Facts about Spring Equinox

Yesterday I was Field Checking in the Wapato and Parker areas and saw Bing cherry bud activity that is pretty normal for timing. A month ago, everything was 7-13 days ahead of 2016 (a recent early year), but an arctic blast slowed things down to a more normal pace;

At this stage, soil fertility and microbiology applications can begin. Even when #soil temperatures are only up to 45F, “plant-ready” liquid blends are readily absorbed by new root growth. If the science of “pop-up” (orthophosphate) materials have proven themselves in colder regions, like the Corn Belt, for decades, why wouldn’t you use it in higher value crops too?
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Marc Suderman
Marc Suderman