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1 years, 4 months ago
from Precision Ag
"Automation is coming to nearly every imaginable industry, and agriculture is not immune. The latest proof? A new research project is trying to prove that robots could destroy weeds better than a farmer driving a sprayer full of herbicide."
"British-based AHDB Horticulture (an organization devoted to various R&D initiatives for British growers) is partially funding a new project called ‘eyeSpot,’ which it says could revolutionize weed control. Researchers at the University of Reading, Knight Farm Machinery and Precision Farming Robotics have teamed together to create an automated spot herbicide ejector."
"Using an imaging system to distinguish weeds from crops, and based on weed size, it will administer an appropriate dosage of herbicide directly on them. Ideally, no herbicide will hit the crop or even the soil – it is hyper-targeted to each individual weed, according to the researchers. They estimate the system could reduce up to 95% of herbicide inputs."