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Thad Schutt Royal City, WA
9 months ago
Winter wheat trials on the Palouse are in and they did well with Compell, our pelletized compost created for a precision application at seeding.  
With 80 lbs./acre through a no-till drill at seeding there was a 17.2% yield increase over the controls.  With 40 lbs./acre of Compell there was a 6.8% yield increase.  Even at the current low prices for hard red winter wheat this is an increase in net revenue of about $30/acre and $10/acre respectively.
Compost brings a lot to the game of soil health.  Organic matter, microbiology, and carbon all help with water holding capacity, nutrient uptake, and soil structure.  Studies have shown that the improved soil health improves plant health, can reduce disease, and increase yields.  
Typically we think of truck loads of compost applied by manure spreaders then incorporated into the soil.  We were challenged to find a way to place compost into a no-till planting system.  
Our research showed that using our pellet in a precision application through the seed drill enabled us to use fractions of the typical amount.  By treating the seed zone the seedling makes quick contact with the material allowing the microbiology to colonize on the root as it expands through the soil.
We didn't invent compost, but we made it more efficient.  Tradition meets Precision.