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A Step Towards Environmental Waste Management And Sustainable Biofuel (Ethanol) Production From Waste Banana Peelings

Authors: Nazim Ali, Pravin Ubhrani, Mohit Tagotra, Manohar Ahire

Publisher: American Journal of Engineering Research

Most nations, whether economically advanced or at different stages of development are facing two major challenges, energy crisis and proper waste disposal. In this paper a study has been done on environmental waste management and sustainable biofuel (ethanol) production from waste banana peelings. The peels of BASRAI variety of bananas are taken as they are rich in cellulose and are kept in hot oven at 338K and dried sample is taken and is dissolved in hot water for starch extraction through soxhlet extractor. This solution is treated with amylase enzyme for hydrolysis of starch to occur. Solution obtained is then subjected to fermentation process by inoculation of S.cerevisiae for 4-5 days at 300K which results in the production of ethanol. The ethanol formed is characterized by potassium dichromate method .The effect of pH; sugar content and rate of ethanol production were studied for 8 days. After extraction of starch the banana powder is than burnt with butane flame. We get potassium carbonate solution after gravity filtration. The residue left can be used as fertilizers.

Illustration Photo: Banana peel (Public Domain)