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Pat Rogers Blenheim, SC
3 years, 9 months ago
from Ag Talk With The Ag Doc
Could you elaborate on your comments on Manganese on soybeans from the podcast today?
Curt Livesay West Branch, IA
3 years, 9 months ago from Ag Talk With The Ag Doc

I'd be happy to, Pat. There are two issues here. First of all, the uptake of nutrients slows as the plant develops in and through the reproductive stages. Therefore, the application of Mn at R3 strikes me as WAY too late to reasonably expect a response in the first place. Second, we know that when you should REALLY expect to get a good bang for your buck with Mn on soybeans deals with glyphosate. Glyphosate inhibits the translocation of micronutrients (see the link attached... and yes, I KNOW that that's sunflowers and not soybeans, but the same concept applies. This is just the study I had at my fingertips). Dr. Huber's research has also shown similar conclusions. Finally, the data I have from my own growers demonstrates that co-application of the proper form of Mn along with glyphosate can dramatically reduce yellow flash (which ties back to the study linked here). In short, the timing was wrong, and the soybeans weren't deficient in Mn; however, in the proper conditions foliar Mn will work very well. I'm happy to work with growers individually who would like to know more about that as well: 641-919-5574. Hope that answers your question :)

Foliar-Applied Glyphosate Substantially Reduced Uptake and Transport of Iron and Manganese in Sunflower

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