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from #SoilMatters
A soil program with managed levels of calcium and magnesium will allow the nature of the soil to function complementary to the process of life and in many cases actually diminish or even eliminate the causes of many problems we can’t explain or do much about ourselves. Some of these benefits and effects are:
1. More efficient photosynthesis.
2. Maximum use of heat-degree days – a natural time clock of the life system of plants.
3. Create and maintain root and stem capacities for optimum use of sunlight energy and thermal efficiency by the leaves of the plant.
4. Thereby the plants can use water, CO2, nitrogen and mineral nutrients with greater efficiency.
5. A healthy and normal functioning plant can maintain an adequate hormone and enzyme system so vital to resistance to insect and disease hazards.
6. A balanced soil equilibrium will regulate and manage the quality and availability of all mineral elements needed by growing plants.
7. Excesses of minerals during the early growth stages often plug up the vessels of the stem and are the frequent cause of early death. A dead plant system cannot mature or ripen itself.
8. An excess of magnesium as well as nitrogen in the soil initiates the processes which prevent the crop from growing dry and nutritionally ripe which is a major goal of every farmer.
9. Carbon dioxide availability is more important to high-yield potentials than nitrogen or any mineral element. The supply in the atmosphere could sustain life for not much more than 30 days, and depends on the soil system and its effect on soil structure and tilth, the processes are retarded and inefficient.
10. Clay soils high in magnesium and low in calcium cement together tightly, are subject to compaction and clodding, crust over easily and prevent the insoak of water and the recovery of capillary water during the dry periods of the season.
11. Soils in such poor tilth and structure increase the effects of the many weather hazards that annually impair normal plant growth. With a managed calcium-magnesium equilibrium we would not have to lean on the many poor excuses of weather we use every year to explain away our ignorance and personal mistakes to create a more integrated soil management system that would tend to diminish or even eliminate the many variable hazards of the weather.
pH, then, is a measure of resistance. And pH 7 says there is equal resistance between cations and anions. At pH 7 synchronization has been achieved. pH, technically, is the mathematical symbol for potential of the hydrogen ion. There is a shortfall in the value of this equation because it does not tell the pounds per acre. At pH 7 reading can be had without one single pound of calcium per acre. Pure white sand has a pH 7 reading and there’s not an ounce of calcium in its construction. Such a test presented to the average college classroom would get a “no lime required” opinion.

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