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Marc Suderman Yakima, WA
3 years, 8 months ago
from #SoilMatters
"Because we turned away from much of the art of agriculture in the absence of a complete science of it, we have a serious confusion. That is all the more serious now and at the moment we discover that we have rapidly mounting numbers of people and are soon running out of ample food for them. We are confused about the natural performances or about the biology in agriculture. We have permitted ourselves to be led astray and are asking the science of agriculture now to bring us back to where we can understand the basic principles rather than merely mimic any practice. We dare not be mere followers of traditions. We must face the problems and solve them. All of that calls for rather clear diagnoses. Let us try and comprehend the fact then that soil fertility properly coupled with plant nutrition is a form of creation, a form of outdoor biology, and not a matter merely of scientific technology. In that combination wisely used there may be some solution for our food problem." - Wm. A. Albrecht in 1953