Call for Proposals to support the exploration of how AI can help us understand, engage, and protect the planet

The grants will support the creation and deployment of open source trained models and algorithms that are available to other environmental researchers and innovators and thereby have the potential to provide exponential impact.

To qualify, applications should outline a proposal to use AI for conservation in at least one of the following core areas: Biodiversity conservation, Climate Change,Agriculture, Water

Application deadline: 9 January 2019

Illustration Photo: The Integrated Land, Water Resources and Clean Energy Management for Poverty Reduction Project is supporting the sustainable management and conservation of natural resources, more productive agriculture, reducing human pressure on Volcanoes National Park and reducing greenhouse gas emissions by protecting 1,400 hectares of watersheds, 50km of ravines and rivers, creating a 1,000 hectare buffer zone of Volcanoes National Park, supporting two green model villages, distributing 1,000 improved stoves and 50 biogas digesters, controlling water hyacinth on 60 hectares and creating 1,680 green jobs. (credits: Rwanda Green Fund / Flickr Creative Commons Attribution-NoDerivs 2.0 Generic (CC BY-ND 2.0))

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