Monitoring and Precision Spraying for Orchid Plantation with Wireless WebCAMs

Authors: Grianggai Samseemoung, Peeyush Soni and Chaiyan Sirikul

Journal: Agriculture

Publisher: MDPI

Through processing images taken from wireless WebCAMs on the low altitude remote sensing (LARS) platform, this research monitored crop growth, pest, and disease information in a dendrobium orchid’s plantation.

Photo: Experimental set up and field preparation, (a) Greenhouse; (b) Orchid plants; (c) Minolta SPAD 502 Meter (Konica Minolta Sensing Inc., Osaka, Japan) measuring plant leaves; (d) Calibration of volume flow rate control; (e) SKR 1800 (Skye Instruments, Ltd., Powys, UK) illumination sensor. (credits: Grianggai Samseemoung, Peeyush Soni and Chaiyan Sirikul)

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Ag Sustainability And Innovation
Ag Sustainability And Innovation