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Kosona Chriv

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The Role of Precision Irrigation in Environmentally Sensitive Areas

Authors: Rodríguez Díaz JA and Montesinos P

Journal: Irrigation & Drainage Systems Engineering

Publisher: OMICS International

High value crops are usually highly dependent on irrigation in Southern Europe areas because the climate in the region is predominantly Mediterranean, with rainfall concentrated mainly in autumn and spring, and dry spells in summer. However, good irrigation practices are particularly important in high environmentally sensitive areas where poor irrigation management may have a large impact on water resource availability and pollution. This is the case of strawberry production in the vicinity of Doñana National Park (Southwest of Spain).

Illustration Photo: Micro irrigation flexiable plastic hoses (poly tape) with water emitters, run into and are buried in rows of strawberries at Reiter Berry Farms, in Watsonville, CA USA (Credit: U.S. Department of Agriculture / Flickr CC BY 2.0)

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Kosona Chriv
Kosona Chriv