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Kosona Chriv

Kosona Chriv

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Applications for Olam Prize are welcomed from Research Projects in Nutrition Science, Plant Science, Soil Science, Agricultural Sciences or other field of Scientific Research impacting Food Security

The hunt is on for potentially ground-breaking scientific research into food security which could revolutionise the agricultural industry. Entries are now open for the second global Olam Prize for Innovation in Food Security (Olam Prize) with US$50,000 of funding for the winner.

First launched by leading global agri-business Olam International with respected scientific partner, Agropolis Fondation, in 2014, the Olam Prize recognises an innovative scientific research project for its potential impact on the availability, affordability, accessibility and adequacy of food.

The winning research project for the 2016/2017 edition will receive US$50,000 unrestricted funding to support its further development. The laureates may also have the opportunity to work with Olam to develop the practical application of their innovation with the company’s expertise in agricultural supply chains spanning 47 products in 70 countries.

Illustration Photo: U.S. and Pakistani Scientists Work Together to Protect Cotton from Disease (Credit: U.S. Embassy Pakistan/Flickr CC BY-NC-ND 2.0)

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Kosona Chriv
Kosona Chriv