System Development for Potato Crop Growth Management

Authors: Zheng T, Cheng M, Sun H, Li M, Yang W, Zheng L, Zhang M

The International Tri-Conference for Precision Agriculture in 2017

Publisher: Zenodo

In order to improve the information service levels of potato crop growth management, a potato crop growth management system was developed to monitor potato crop growth information and provide expert guidance and assistance to users for potato cultivation. The users can access the system platform through the mobile terminal. In early researches, potato crop monitoring sensors were developed and used to collect the potato crop information in the field. The system builds a basic data management platform, which mainly provides information support for different growth periods of potato crops. At the same time the user can analyze the current crop growth according to the displayed data, thus significantly improving production efficiency. The results showed that the system has user-friendly interfaces and reasonable design of the system. The system can basically reach the level of agricultural information technology application.

Illustration Photo: Potato field (Public Domain from

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