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NaturalShrimp Announces Agreement for Facility Development and Locally Grown Seafood using Environment Friendly Technology

Under the agreement, signed September 4, 2016, the Fortune 500 Company will proceed immediately with a detailed engineering evaluation of the system located in La Coste, Texas, resulting in a replicable design that can be scaled to multiple locations according to a roll-out plan that will be announced during the early part of the first quarter of 2017. A primary component in the system is being provided by F&T. The audit will be finished within 45 days and will provide the blueprint for a pilot version of the system, which will begin construction in October. When the pilot begins operation, expected within 6 months, the Company will build out full-sized, totally sustainable shrimp facilities in numerous locations across the United States and around the world. The goal is to create facilities with "zero footprint" on the surrounding environments.

Illustration Photo: Shrimps (Public Domain from Pixabay.com)