Public-Private Partnerships to improve productivity and reduce costs in the Poultry sector in Ethiopia

Focusing on two regions of Ethiopia, Amhara and Tigray, the partnership seeks to improve productivity and reduce costs by increasing access to improved poultry breeds and training smallholder farmers to raise them effectively. EthioChicken imports improved breeds, as well as mills and supplies feed and vaccines to ensure their survival and health. A network of rural sales agents distribute the chickens and feed to farmers, in addition to providing technical assistance and customer service pre- and post-purchase. The improved breeds grow faster and produce more meat and eggs than local breeds, enabling the farmers to earn over three times as much revenue selling eggs and two times as much selling live chickens. The partnership presents a promising income-generating opportunity for local women, as poultry production requires little land and capital, to which women often have limited access.

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Ag Sustainability And Innovation
Ag Sustainability And Innovation