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Adoption of Organic Agriculture: Evidence from Cocoa Farming in Ghana

Authors: Justice G. Djokoto, Victor Owusu, Dadson Awunyo-Vitor

Publisher: Cogent Food & Agriculture

Cocoa farmers in Suhum area have been cultivating conventional cocoa for several years. However, as at 2012 about 1,000 farmers had switched to the cultivation of cocoa organically. The question that arises is, what factors could have influenced this small fraction of farmers to adopt organic production practices, whilst the majority continue in conventional cocoa production? Using data on 280 organic cocoa farms and 378 conventional cocoa farms from Suhum Cocoa District in Ghana, a probit model was fitted to the data. Being male positively influenced adoption of organic cocoa production. Smaller households have a tendency of adopting organic technology. Less cocoa farming experience led to probability of adoption of organic cocoa production. Access to extension services promotes adoption of organic cocoa technology. Access to credit positively influenced adoption of organic cocoa production with a marginal effect value of 0.1295. Therefore, increased and effective extension and credit services are recommended to enhance adoption of organic cocoa production.

Illustration Photo: cocoa growing (Credit: SarahC73 / Flickr CC BY 2.0)