Government of Canada invests $2.5 million in Inocucor Technologies to supports the Development of Natural Biological Fertilizer

This investment in Inocucor Technologies supports the development of Synergro Free, a natural biological fertilizer that improves plant and soil health. The technology is working to enhance the natural growth process for plants and crops. It could increase yields in row crops, such as corn, wheat and soybean, while decreasing the need for pesticides and other synthetic fertilizers.

This project is being funded through Sustainable Development Technology Canada, which works with Canadian companies to bring early-stage clean technologies to market.

Illustration Photo: Synergro Free is a bio-fertilizer additive that can be applied with starter or foliar fertilizers with foliar or pre-emergence herbicides (credit: Inocucor Technologies)

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Ag Sustainability And Innovation
Ag Sustainability And Innovation