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Kosona Chriv

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A Review on Current and Emerging Application Possibilities for Unmanned Aerial Vehicles

Author: Beloev Ivan H.

Journal Title: Acta Technologica Agriculturae

Publisher: De Gruyter Open

Society/Institution: Slovak University of Agriculture in Nitra

This paper presents a review on current and emerging application possibilities for unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs). The introduction section of the paper briefly describes some of the application areas in which drones are currently being used. The next chapters of the paper describe more detailly the use of UAVs for aerial photography, filming, security and logistics, GIS, land and water surveys. The main focus of the last chapters is on the advantages and the disadvantages of the drones usage in precision agriculture, wildlife and nature observations and archaeology. The last chapters also provide information on how the advanced information technology solutions can be implemented in order to provide means for fighting invasive species, to increase the yield of certain crops, to monitor and predict flooding, wildfires and other disasters, etc. This paper provides only overview of the most interesting and widely available applications of the UAVs, but there are also many other more specific and dedicated solutions for implementation of the drones for different purposes.

Illustration Photo: Drone for rescue operations (Public Domain from Pixabay.com)

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Kosona Chriv
Kosona Chriv