mnubo brings AI-driven IoT insights to Join Yanmar’s Next-Generation Horticulture Initiative

This IoT test bed, supported by Japan’s Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications, was officially launched earlier this month to demonstrate a new business model that will help accelerate advancements and innovations in agro technology. As part of this initiative, Yanmar has created an end-to-end IoT solution that delivers next-generation capabilities for Japan’s horticulture systems. mnubo’s AI-driven, purpose-built IoT insights platform, integrated with Yanmar’s other IoT partners, will deliver real-time sensor data analysis, predict crop yield and growth trends, optimize energy efficiency and forecast resource utilization.

Photo: Yanmar’s IoT Smart Greenhouse (credit: Yanmar)

#mnubo brings #AI-driven #IoT insights to Join #Yanmar’s Next-Generation #Horticulture Initiative IoT #DataAnalytics #Japan

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