Implementation of Automation System for Humidity Monitoring and Irrigation System

Authors: L Kamelia, M A Ramdhani, A Faroqi and V Rifadiapriyana

IOP Conference Series: Materials Science and Engineering

Publisher: IOP Publishing Ltd

Smart farming, Precision Agriculture or Smart-Agriculture is a modern agricultural technique that has been widely practiced in developed countries to meet the challenges of increasing demand for food. Smart farming involves a variety of communication and information technologies to improve the quality and quantity of agricultural commodity crops. One application of technology in smart farming is plant cultivation automation system. The automation system for irrigation system will cause the efficiency of energy, time, and amount of water used. This paper discusses the implementation of the soil moisture sensor YL-69 to automate the sprinkler system. Monitoring of sensor measurement is displayed on LCD screen and displayed on line and real time on the website. The test results show if the sensor shows soil moisture value below 15%, the relay will turn on the water pump and turn it off when the moisture value reach 45% with the respond time about 1, 29 second. On line test results show the displayed value in LCD equals to the value displayed in the website.

Illustration Photo: At the University of Nebraska-Lincoln in Lincoln, NE state energy and extension staff are teaching farmers to use modern sensors to improve irrigation management. In this picture, Darrel Siekman and Gary Zoubek install Watermark Sensors and a data logger. (credits: University of Nebraska / U.S. Department of Agriculture / Flickr Creative Commons Attribution 2.0 Generic (CC BY 2.0))

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Ag Sustainability And Innovation
Ag Sustainability And Innovation