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Kosona Chriv

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South Korea promotes Korean food in Indonesia, the World’s Largest Halal Food Market

About 85% (210 million) of Indonesia's total population are Muslim. As they believe that this world is as important as the hereafter, they are active in consumption

Indonesia has the world's fourth largest population and is taking up an average annual economic growth rate of 6%. The Korean cultural wave has fueled the Indonesian people's interest in Korea and Korean food, making the nation a bridgehead to the world Halal food market.

Indonesia has the world's fourth largest population of 2.53 million. Its middle class is estimated at 50 million to 60 million. 60.8% of its total population is less than 35 years old.

In particular, Jakarta is receiving a lot of attention as a promising consumption market, as the capital of Indonesia has a standard of living relatively higher than those of other cities and a practical consumer class. The 2016 Indonesia K-Food Fair is expected to lead Korean Halal foods to develop their markets and create the new consumption of Korean foods through PR events based on the Korean food culture under the slogan of 'Safe & Healthy Lifestyle, with Premium K-Food!'

Illustration photo: KMT Korean Honey Tea Series certified Halal (Credit: KMT Food)

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Kosona Chriv
Kosona Chriv