Concept of In-oil Project based on Bioconversion of By-Products from Food Processing Industry

Author: Wojciech Czeka?a

Journal Title: Journal of Ecological Engineering

ISSN: 2299-8993 (Online)

Publisher: Polish Society of Ecological Engineering (PTIE)

Society/Institution: Polish Society of Ecological Engineering (PTIE)

More than 30% of the world's food production is wasted. Organic waste and residues are produced in a variety of sectors, including agriculture, food industry and forestry. Residues and waste are generated throughout the entire food production and use cycle: surplus food production, processing and distribution, and consumption. Some food that has not been consumed should be managed. Bioconversion using insects provides the opportunity to produce feed and energy using by-products of the agro-food industry. The aim of the work was to present the concept of "IN OIL: an innovative method for the bioconversion of by-products from food processing industry" under the project LIDER VII (co-financed by the National Centre for Research and Development). Project IN OIL is being implemented at the Pozna? University of Life Sciences. IN-OIL's main assumption is combining two ideas - waste into energy and waste into feed. The developed method will reduce the adverse impact of unused food on the environment by using ReFood products in insect feeding (Hermetia illucens). H. illucens (Black Soldier Fly) is a Diptera characterized by a very high index of growth, and rich source of fats and proteins. The main assumption of the project is based on the introduction of by-products from the food processing industry to feeding with larvae of H. illucens. Biomass of insect larvae will then be processed into products that will be used for feed and energy purposes.

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Ag Sustainability And Innovation
Ag Sustainability And Innovation