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Food Safety Initiative Helps Small-Scale Aquaculture Farmers Become Global Players

An initiative between APEC and the World Bank’s Global Food Safety Program (GFSP) is under way to help small-scale aquaculture farmers gain access to food standards and safety support. Its objectives: to help them grow their livelihoods and integrate into a USD160 billion industry.

The aquaculture training project took off in Viet Nam in 2015 when it certified its first cadre of 30 trainers from APEC member economies. These trainers went on to share aquaculture safety guidelines in their own economies and are now part of a network of certified food-safety trainers in the region.

“The project includes access to mentors who are technical experts in aquaculture safety,” says Megan Crowe, senior international trade advisor in the United States Department of Commerce, and administrator for Partnership Training Institute Network. “It helps aquaculture businesses to overcome major hazards and risks, and tap into the global trade in food.”

Illustration Photo: Shrimp & Prawn Hatchery in Barangay (Credit: Judgefloro/Wikimedia Commons CC BY-SA 4.0)