Feeding Forage in Poultry: A Promising Alternative for the Future of Production Systems

Authors: Vincenzo Tufarelli, Marco Ragni, Vito Laudadio

Journal Title: Agriculture

ISSN: 2077-0472 (Online)

Publisher: MDPI AG

The present review discusses the existing research findings on the nutritional impact of forages in poultry diet and the significance of forages in sustainable poultry production systems. The nutritional composition and antinutritional factors of the main forages and the pros and cons of feeding forage on poultry meat and egg quality under free-range and organic production systems are also discussed. This review highlights the importance of forages and forage meals in poultry ration, considering that these feedstuffs may have greater value to the success of local poultry production in many regions of the world due to their potential of production.

Illustration Photo: Forage (CC0 Creative Commons from Pixabay.com)

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Ag Sustainability And Innovation
Ag Sustainability And Innovation