Grass Roots Farmers' Cooperative to use Blockchain technology for Meat Traceability

A group of livestock farmers in Arkansas, supported by Heifer USA, is using cutting-edge technology to let you know where your dinner comes from. The small-scale, forward-thinking suppliers of Grass Roots Farmers' Cooperative are the first in the United States to use blockchain technology to trace their products from farm to fork, with the aim of giving consumers more confidence in the origin and quality of the meat they buy.

Already a mainstay in the financial sector, blockchain technology allows for public verification of information in the food chain. Shoppers and diners will be able to scan QR codes on Grass Roots products to learn where the meat came from and how the animals were raised. The "digital history" of the meat will also include stories of the people, from farmer to butcher, who contributed in crafting the final product.

Illustration Photo: Cattle (Public Domain from

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