Call for Applications: USDA/NIFA - Community Food Projects Competitive Grant Program

The primary goals of the CFPCGP are as follows:

Designed to:
Meet the food needs of low-income individuals through food distribution, community outreach to assist in participation in Federally assisted nutrition programs, or improving access to food as part of a comprehensive service;
Increase the self-reliance of communities in providing for the food needs of the communities; and
Promote comprehensive responses to local food access, farm, and nutrition issues; or
Meet specific state, local or neighborhood food and agricultural needs including needs relating to:
Equipment necessary for the efficient operation of a project;
Planning for long-term solutions; or
The creation of innovative marketing activities that mutually benefit agricultural producers and low-income consumers.

Dateline for submission: 3 June 2019

Illustration Photo: Walter Benítez, 19, worker of the San Francisco de Asís Coffee Processing Central in Cabañas municipality, La Paz, Honduras moves coffee in drying process on African beds inside a solar dryer. (credits: Maren Barbee / Flickr Creative Commons Attribution 2.0 Generic (CC BY 2.0))

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