Exploring the benefit of farming slideshow to agri-business marketing

Authors: Yung-Hsing Penga, Po-Cheng Huang, Ying-Hsu Chen, Chia-Cheng Lin and Ming-Hsiang Wang

Journal Title: MATEC Web of Conferences

ISSN: 2261-236X (Online)

Publisher: EDP Sciences

In Taiwan agriculture, most of the production management is done by paperwork. This kind of approach is labor-costing, and unable to give real-time information, which makes it difficult to disclose sufficient information from production, and therefore results in the problem of food safety. To break the bottleneck, the Institute for Information Industry (III) develops the Smart Agri-management Platform (S.A.M.P.), providing cloud services for agricultural production and sale management. In this paper, we adopt the S.A.M.P. to collect farming records containing images, date, field location, and task name. Traditionally, farming records are used to generate a table of texts for traceability. However, it is difficult to arouse the interest from customers by merely using texts. Therefore, this paper proposes the mechanism of farming slideshow, a new presentation of traceability by dynamic arrangement to farming records on S.A.M.P. The experiment is performed in the Yongling organic farm in Kaohsiung, generating over 30,000 vegetable packages supporting farming slideshow. According to 42 valid questionnaires from customers, 83% of them express higher willing to buy products with farming slideshow than those with only texts. Therefore, food traceability with slideshow can offer benefit to agri-business marketing, which is a positive reference for future agriculture.

Figure: The architecture of the production management using S.A.M.P. (credits: Yung-Hsing Penga, Po-Cheng Huang, Ying-Hsu Chen, Chia-Cheng Lin and Ming-Hsiang Wang)

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