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Development of Embedded Based System to Monitor Elephant Intrusion in Forest Border Areas Using Internet of Things

Authors: R. K. Vigneshwar and R.Maheswari

The new era of computing technology is emerging as it will encompass every aspects of our lives with amazing potentials and it can be termed as Internet of Things (IOT). The IOT generally comprised of smart machines interacting and interactive with other machines, objects, environments and infrastructures. In embedded computing system each thing is uniquely identifiable but it is able to be interoperable within the existing internet infrastructure in IOT. As a result, massive volumes of data are being created, and that data is being processed into useful actions that can “command and control” things to make our living much comfortable and safer—and to ease our impact on the environment. In this paper we have proposed a elephant intrusion monitoring system using IOT. The various drawbacks in already existing system using embedded systems can be overcome as we have cloud based services, low cost and advanced miniaturization in packaging technology. Here we are developing a prototype model for real time interaction of elephant intrusion in forest border areas that allows a persistent monitoring by making use of an On board computer and cloud services.