Call for applications: Business Partnership Facility - Enterprises for SDGs in Developing Countries

On the initiative of, and with financing from the Directorate-General for Development Cooperation (DGD), the Business Partnership Facility awards subsidies to support and develop private sector involvement in Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) in developing countries.

The projects targeted by this call must contribute to achieving at least one clearly- identified SDG.

The Facility aims to simultaneously achieve two types of result:

• social impact: creation and maintenance of jobs, improvement in average income for families with low incomes, access to affordable goods and services for those on low incomes (by gender), inclusion and economic development of women and young people with low incomes, positive impact on the environment through saving resources, reducing emissions and by preserving biodiversity etc.;

• economic viability: partnerships must clearly explain how the supported initiatives will become sustainable, present a competitive financial performance and show signs of potential scalability and replication.

Funding of up to €200 thousand is available under this call.

Application Deadline: 13 February 2020

Illustration Photo: Trust for Africas Orphans (TAO) supports orphans & vulnerable children by training their carers to create agri-businesses. Sunflowers may look prettiest when fresh, but they become valuable when they turn to seed like this. Barr, Lira District, Uganda. (credits: Trust for Africas Orphans (TAO) / Flickr Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivs 2.0 Generic (CC BY-NC-ND 2.0))

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