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Design & Development of Rice Planter Machine

Authors: Dhanesh D Patil and Dr. Mangesh R Phate

Publisher: International Journal of Innovative Research in Science, Engineering and Technology (IJIRSET)

Need of rice trans-planter machine is growing nowadays because it unique features seeding in well sequence and in well manner. Seeding by rice trans-planter saves too much efforts of human being. Class of people who uses this kind of machines is farmers and they are having poor economic background. This paper provides guidelines for developments in rice Trans-planters used in India. Rice planting is very old method from many years ago & having long history since many years & their methods of rice planting are changed in this decade. Use of rice Trans planter machines is new trend but current machines having high cost of purchase. So the main focus of this project is to minimise the cost of that machine.

Figure: CATIA Model of Rice Trans-planter (Credits: Dhanesh D Patil and Dr. Mangesh R Phate)