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Sep 27
Mid-Harvest Field Report
Joe Catron, Yakima Chief Hops Experimental Hops Manager, is sharing a crop update from the hop fields of the Yakima Valley. They are about 65% of the way through their Pacific Northwest hop harvest. Simcoe and Citra are all picked, with Mosaic just about wrapped up. Talus , Idaho 7 and HBC 586 are next in line and currently being harvested. As they finish up harvest for aroma hop varieties, growers are letting the alpha hop varieties continue to develop. Some growers are in a unique position this year where they will actually have a couple days off between aroma hop harvest and alpha hop harvest.

Categories: Organic Specialty Crops

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Steve Hanks Thomasville, GA
Sep 28
So interesting, I don't know much about Hops or farming them. It's fun to learn more.

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