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Jun 4
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Folks, unfortunately this discussion about meat processing will NOT go away. Below is a textbook that was a part of my required core curriculum (even as an Ag student), and there is an entire chapter related to the subject of meat processing speed and 'social justice'. The textbook had a very ardent anti-capitalism focus hidden under a veil of democracy. Myself and another older veteran classmate discussed this with the professor following one of the classes. Unfortunately, these classes don't always have a couple of 50-somethings who have read history and are willing to challenge the premise of certain textbooks with factual history. Even then, maybe half of ur classmates didn't want to believe factual history due to their high school curriculum; certain things were already ingrained. I would bet a dollar to a doughnut that one of this posts readers have children who are required to read this textbook in college, without discussing the corresponding impact to food availability and cost at the grocery store that such impacts have.
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When we discussed this textbook after class, our professor did admit that the author did have 'an ax to grind'.
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