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Jun 7
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#FoodForThought: EBT and similar funding does little good of there is no food to purchase. These proposals will continue to fail at solving food security issues as the logistics challenge from the past year demonstrated. This website should highlight the role logistics plays in food security ( Additionally, this link ( should clarify any doubts many may have in that the cyber attack on JBL was a agroterrorism. In the second link, we can see clear intent to do harm to our agricultural system; "American and allied forces overran al Qaeda sanctuaries in the caves of eastern Afghanistan in 2002, among the thousands of documents they discovered were U.S. agricultural documents and al Qaeda training manuals targeting agriculture" Food security begins in the garden; it reduces the logistics demand on grocery stores (with an average 3 day supply), provides a 'defense in depth' should nefarious actors target our agriculture, and lessens the cost (including carbon footprint) these logistics requirements generate. In short, they diversify any potential impact future attacks will have, and they will happen again. We need to see more impetus on individual and local community vegetable gardens, even if some of this funding requires the purchase of community land with which to locate these gardens within walking distance of the consumer.

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