10 things to consider before buying your dream villa

10 things to consider before buying your dream villa

10 things to consider before buying your dream villa

Published Sep 29, 2022 

Many people are willing to buy properties a little away from the cities to ensure a healthier lifestyle. Post-pandemic has increased demand for bigger homes like independent villas which are safer at this moment than apartments. People are inclined towards having an independent villa that offers multiple investments. It gives complete ownership also considered greater privacy. Villa is the new way to go for HNI and investors. They put their hard-earned money to reflect their aspirations and personality.

Everyone should buy a villa from genuine villa builders only. Every home buyer is different and their requirements are different, finding the right home is difficult.

Let’s discuss 10 things to consider before buying a dream villa

  1. Age of the villas

Property’s age is an important consideration when buying a home or commercial property. Aged villas or homes have their beauty and attractiveness and also some properties we like may have been built decades ago. But it also requires modifications, repairs, and innovations. Buying older properties requires resources and time for innovations. So think twice before buying more senior villas or enquiring about the age of the villas.

2. Amenities

This is the most important to consider since we pay a lot only for amenities that builders provide. Check all the amenities they provide that match your requirements and fit all your needs. Amenities like lush greenery garden, water supply, Uninterrupted EB, swimming pool, 24/7 security, CCTV, health care facilities, gym, and spacious living rooms, and enough bedrooms & bathrooms.

3. Location

Location is the primary part of selecting any property. Whether we build a villa or home or commercials how it is close to the essential things of our life like schools, education institutions, shopping malls, entertainment places, temples, medical care, etc. Examine traffic flow and the proximity of major highways nearby.

4. Size matters!

Look into the size of the house or home willing to stay for life long. If you are joined family you require multiple bedrooms & bathrooms which occupy larger size. Of course size of the property is influenced by the budget!

5. Pricing

Pricing decides whether you can buy the villa or not. The buying price of the villa has a great impact on the infrastructure, quality of the materials used, & all the associated fees. Come up with the budget that works for you best.

6. Maintenance

Based on the age of the villa, the location of the villa maintenance requirement varies from time to time. It also includes the cost of home maintenance like cleaning, lift maintenance, gardening, etc.

7. Rental & Resale value

When deciding to buy villas calculate the rental or resale value for the property. Whether you are staying there or renting it out a villa, it is a real estate investment it should appraise in the future to provide potential profits to the buyer. Keep in mind the located area should be developed in the future to enjoy the benefits of return on investments.

8. Neighborhood

Buying a luxury villa is enjoying communities similar to our culture and mindset. Keep an eye on the neighborhood of the villa you are buying. A friendly neighborhood can make your life happy and peaceful.

9. Documents

Before purchasing the villa verify the documents with a legal advisor to free yourself from worries in the future. Examine all the deeds and buyer & builder agreements thoroughly.

10. Developer or promoter

Conduct a clear background check on the builders or promoters of the villas before buying. Check the feedback or a review from the previous buyers, the builder’s reputation is extremely important.

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