100% Water Soluble High Quality Fe EDDHA 6% Iron Chelate Fertilizer

Published Feb 28, 2021 

EDDHA, is a chelate that protects nutrients against precipitation in a wide pH-range: 4-9, which is higher than EDTA and DTPA in pH range. This makes the EDDHA-chelates suitable for alkaline and calcareous soils as well as soils containing high levels of carbonate. It is mainly used for fertigation in open fields and soil injection as well as fertigation in high tech, soil-less cultures. The product contains the highest percentage of the ortho-ortho isomere: 4.8% o-o and it is easy, rapid to dissolve in water and compatible with most water-soluble fertilizers.

Chemical/Physical Data

Molecular Formula. : C18H16N2O6FeNa
MOL. W.T.: 435.2
CAS NO. : 16455-61-1
Appearance : Dark Red-brown Micro-grannular
Chemical Composition
Fe Content: 6%±0.3%
Ortho-ortho 1.8-4.8
Physical Properties
Density: Approx. 500-700Kg/m3
PH (1% w/v Solution): 7.0-9.0
Solubility in water(for practical use): Approx. 60g/L
Water Insoluble: No more than 0.01%
CHLORIDES (Cl) & SULPHATE(SO4)%: No more than 0.05%
Biodegradability: slow

Packed in complex bag or kraft bag with plastic inner, 25KG per bag. Available in packages of 1,000 kg, 25 kg, 10 kg, 5 kg and 1 kg.

Dosing instructions/Fertigation

g/1,000 l water Iron(Fe) content
g/1,000L/water/ppm M mol/L
100 6 0.11
500 30 0.54
1000 60 1.07
1500 90 1.60

Dosing instructions/Soil application: fertigation or soil injection

Crop Application date Total dosage in kg/ha Total dosage in g/tree
Citrus Young trees Adult trees 2-3 applications:
- 1x: vegetative development - 1x: spring application
- 1x: autumn application
5-30g 30-80g
Fruit trees Young trees Adult trees 2 applications:
At the very beginning of vegetative development
5-20g 20-50g
Vineyards Young grapesAdult grapes T able grapes Before bud opening or first symptom of deficiency 3-5g
5-25g 10-25g
Vegetables 2 applications:
- 1x: 4-6 weeks after planting - 1x: Before flower induction
10 - 15 kg/ha
Flowers 2 applications,
- 1x: In spring period
- 1x: At first symptoms of deficiency
10 - 50 kg/ha

The pH in the tank should be above 3.
The mentioned indicated dosages and application stage are subject to soil and climatic conditions, influence of previous crops and other specific conditions. Exact dosages and application stages can only be given after an objective diagnostic procedure by e.g. soil, substrate and / or plant analyses.please feel free to talk with us if interested,whatsapp/tel/FB8614707090699