5 Tips To Improve Your Farmhouse Outdoor Living Space

Published Jul 25, 2022 

Owning a farmhouse is exciting because it gives you the chance to live more naturally while also getting to have all of the comforts of modern life. Many allow the difference between the two ideas to be the inside and outside of their home: but you can do so much more with your home's exterior!

Instead of just letting your home’ outside be the farm, and work, create a space that you’ll look forward to escaping into once the workday is over.

Why Invest in the Outdoor Areas

Although the main investment is time, it's not always cheap to update your home's exterior. From new furniture to building a deck or putting in exterior lighting: it can be a lot. This investment should be for a good reason! Here is a couple to consider.

One of the best reasons is that sunlight is an important part of keeping healthy. When we're in the sun, we absorb vitamin D, which can help with mental health and the creation of serotonin and can also brighten our complexion and leave us looking healthier as well. Beyond this, there are many studies that show spending time in nature and outside is beneficial for our whole well-being.

Another great reason is that it improves the value of your property! If you can create an outdoor oasis with your farmhouse, you'll be able to add at least 10% of the value of your home back onto it. This is extremely inviting to anyone who's considering selling their property and as important a step as removing driveway oil stains for pictures.

These are the top five ways to improve your farmhouse’s outdoor spaces!

1- Pull The Rain and Water Away

Water is one of the most damaging things in the world. If you’re not able to pull moisture away, it can quickly erode away brick, rot wood, and flood your garden. Consider putting into outdoor drainage grates that can pull away this moisture and guide it off of your property.

Another step you can consider is adding a rain garden, which will absorb as much of the water as possible, and guide it off of your property.

2- Create Spaces With Purpose

One of the quickest ways to waste space is to leave it devoid of purpose. People don't want to deal with just standing on open grass and talking. Instead, make your farmhouse's exterior more purposeful by creating seating, entertaining, and outdoor cooking spaces.

If you love cooking, you might even want to consider adding an outdoor kitchen! You can add fun details like a bridge faucet and fun tie-ins that make it seem like a natural extension of your indoor kitchen.

3- Give Yourself Lighting for a View

Lighting up your property allows you to enjoy it for more hours in the day and also makes it safer.

Safer doesn't just mean so that you can see where you're going! Safer also refers to the fact that nobody wants to commit a crime in the spotlight. If someone is considering breaking into your gorgeous farmhouse, they'll quickly change their mind once they see how lit the exterior is: since they won't want to be caught.

This lighting also means you can entertain and have fun later in the night, making social gatherings more fun and ensuring that your property is a must-stop location for anyone you’re inviting over.

4- Create Visual Interest With Color

Color is a powerful tool in redesigning an outdoor space! The right choices for colors can guide eyes and have people look or go where you want them to and can also associate specific emotions with certain spaces.

You can boost this by looking into furniture wood stain colors that go well with your home or even hues that match the flowers and plant life in your garden. You should consider having it match well with the stain of your deck, although they don't have to match perfectly. If your deck has warm hues in its stain, your furniture should too.

5- Make It Safe and Welcoming

An important part of any outdoor space is that it should be as safe as possible. People who stop in and enjoy the space should feel comfortable and safe while they’re there. You can ensure this by adding items like hog wire deck railing that will protect against slipping or gorgeous pathways to guide people around your property.

You can also make it more welcoming by using warm spots throughout. This could mean a firepit in a seated area or warm lighting on your paths and exterior lighting. These warm colors relax us and make people feel more secure in their surroundings.

Your Outdoor Living Space Should be a Dream

Whether you just purchased this farmhouse and you want to make the most of it, or this is an older area you're sprucing up: consider making some of these changes! Not only will it make living there more comfortable, but it will also boost your property's value!

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