5 Ways to Spruce Up Your Farm Cabin

Published Jul 26, 2022 

Owning a cabin is one of the best ways to ensure you get a work-life balance unlike any other. The moment work stresses you out, you can simply think ahead to getting away during the weekend. Unfortunately, cabins can age quickly, and you might find yourself tired of arriving at an older structure that doesn’t feel as welcoming.

These are five ways you can spruce up your farm cabin: and why it’s so important that you do so!

Why Update Your Farm Cabin?

Although your cabin may simply be a getaway where you can breathe, and you might not want to invest much time or money into that: it's an awesome place to ensure you keep up your quality of life. Having refreshing and clean spaces that inspire you and an area where no work or hardship is expected of you, is important to being happy.

Beyond this, a good farm cabin can increase the value of your property and can make it so that your guests are more excited about visiting you. If you update it well enough, you may even be able to consider renting it out and pulling in some extra income. This is a lot to expect from just replacing some window sashes: but a good update is more than just one change.

1- Update Your Windows to Let the Light In

Our windows are the most important part of our properties! Not only do they decide how much outside light gets in, but they also encourage a property to feel more updated when the windows are new.

To give your farm cabin a fresh look while also making it safer: consider looking into how much storm windows cost in your area. Storm windows will allow your cabin to last as long as you want and hold up against any weather that’s in your area. The updated look of these windows will also let your cabin look like a newer structure.

Beyond this, they'll also help with energy efficiency and with keeping the interior of your cabin as soundproof as possible. This will make your oasis away from home even more comfortable.

2- Replace Your Siding With Something Fresh

Siding is vital because it protects your property from the elements, insect life, and rot: but it also has a large hand in how your cabin will look. If your siding is older, faded, or cracking, it’s time to swap it out.

Go for a modern board and batten style, which will keep your cabin free of moisture and temperature fluctuations, and looks fantastic. You can go with natural wood color or pick an earthy green that will allow your cabin to almost vanish into the woods.

3- Make Your Walls Stylish Inside and Out

Style is something that makes a cabin fantastic or a flop. Look into adding details throughout that add a more natural feeling. You can do this with a white shiplap wall for visual texture or by adding rustic and fun furniture throughout. If you go for a natural wood color, make sure the stains are as close to each other as possible. If you have a bunch of different stains, you can easily remove this stain and stain or paint them again to have a uniform and gorgeous look.

4- Add Decorative Gable Brackets for Creative Flare

If the gables of your cabin are empty: you’re missing an opportunity to add some cabin and campfire flare. Decorative gable brackets can make a property look more custom, and encourage people to see your cabin as its own little retreat.

There are dozens of options for color, material, shape, and design, so don't be afraid to take a picture of the front of your cabin and try a bunch of different styles by photoshopping them onto the front of your building.

This will give you a clear view of what style works best for your home and will encourage you to make the best pick. Don't be afraid to mix things up and use more than one style!

5- Boost Your Cabin’s Warm Welcoming

When people arrive at your cabin, make sure they feel welcome! This means taking steps to allow them to feel like the home is beckoning them inside. A warm porch light, some comfortable seating, and a fresh coat of paint can leave your cabin’s porch feeling brand new.

Don't forget to deep clean this area and add some plant life to make it feel a little more one with nature. Even if this structure is just a hundred feet from your back door, these touches will make it feel like an entirely different property.

When’s the Last Time You Updated Your Cabin?

Every cabin could use some refreshing changes to ensure that it looks just as welcoming and warm as it did the day you bought it. Consider making some of these changes to give it a fresh face!

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