7 Building Materials For a Modern Ranch Style Home

7 Building Materials For a Modern Ranch Style Home

Published Nov 7, 2022 

Ranch-style homes are gorgeous properties with open concepts and a lot of room to have fun and create something unique. Although they conjure up an image of the fifties to seventies for most, they can easily become modernized and gorgeous in no time.

If you're ready to update your ranch-style home, this is everything you need to know!

1. Windows to Handle Anything

How great are your windows? When updating your ranch-style home, especially if you're in the south where they're most prevalent, it could be a good idea to replace your windows with something sturdier. Storm windows can handle any wind or rain thrown at them and keep the temperature inside more balanced and constant.

If you want to protect your privacy and add to the modern look, consider getting window tints! These tints allow the interior of your home to be protected from prying eyes while still looking fantastic.

2. Siding That Makes Sense

Your siding should be a great and gorgeous part of your home, not something that seems rushed or easily replaceable. Faux wood siding is a classic way to go, but recently so is brick. Brick is always in style, and with a simple pressure washing, you can watch the material go back to looking how it did when it was brand new.

Look into many different types of house siding to find the best match for yourself, and consider what others have in your area! You’ll be surprised where you’ll find inspiration!

3. Play With Midcentury Style

Since ranch styles are midcentury, it's important to consider updating the property with this in mind. Modern midcentury uses the design sensibilities of the 1940s to 1960s and then leans on the modern feeling of clean lines and organic shapes. Simple says a lot, but you can get away with some fun splashes of color and interesting furniture shapes.

This limited but classy style can make anything look fantastic, but it must be well cared for. Wood should gleam, and white fabric should look clean and white.

4. A Roof That Will Weather Any Storm

Your roof will often be the first thing you need to replace. The average roof lasts thirty to fifty years, so if you're buying a home built in 1962, it could be on its second or third roof.

When you replace the roof, go for a sturdy, long-lasting material that looks fantastic. Slate is an awesome option that covers all of the above; if it's well maintained, it can last for over a hundred years.

If your roof is older but not yet ready for an update, take this chance to focus on updating your gutter and putting guards on them. This will help your roof last longer.

5. Ideas for Flooring

Flooring shouldn't be a tough choice, especially since so many ranch houses were built when wood flooring was still huge before people got in the habit of replacing everything with carpet through the 70s, 80s, and early 90s.

If you have gorgeous wood floors, it's a good idea to protect them. These are a part of the history and beauty of your home, and if they're original, they're likely older than you are. Look into the best polyurethane for floors you can find! This material will protect your floors and ensure they look fantastic for as long as possible.

6. Other Options for Driveways

Depending on how far you live from the main road, you may have anything from a crush-and-run driveway to a dirt road that takes you to your home. It's a good idea to consider what type of driveway and entrance to your home you want to have. This is especially true if you're updating it to sell it: a good entrance is awesome for curb appeal.

The most popular modern type of driveway many will get in 2023 will be patterned brick and stone. These driveways don't crack since they're already fractal to a degree and are incredibly sturdy. They also look fantastic and detailed despite being pretty affordable to install.

7. Using Plants to Your Advantage

The average ranch-style home is a one-level property that doesn't have much height to it. This can be an awesome home, but it's not great for visual interest. Using plants on your exterior, build size and fun. Put in some trees native to your area, at least twenty feet from your home, and watch as it shades and brings your home upwards.

You can also bring flowers and plant life closer to the road and curb since that will make your house look taller and more modern.

Every Ranch Style Home Deserves Love

Whether this is your first home or just one you're flipping to sell, it's important to build with good materials and create a property that makes sense. Updating ranch-style homes is a fantastic way to create the perfect home.

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