8 Siding Options for a Modern Farmhouse

Published Feb 24 

Modern farmhouses are one of the most popular housing styles, allowing you to have a fun rural twist on the classic house without having to literally live on a farm. Unfortunately, many people are stuck in the styles of farmhouse homes that used to be popular decades ago.

It’s time for a fresh look.

These are eight siding options for a modern farmhouse and what defines that style.

What Makes a Modern Farmhouse Stand Out?

Whether you're new to farmhouses altogether or you're just not sure what makes one modern, it's an easily confusing name. Modern farmhouses mix relaxed country living with more modern touches. So you might have a rustic wood design, but it'll have smooth lines and a more neutral color scheme.

On the interior, this means granite countertops, sleek and bright lighting, and stainless steel. When working on the exterior, you want to keep these choices in mind to ensure you create a cohesive and attractive finished product.

1. Brick

Brick cladding isn't the most common type of siding for a modern farmhouse, but if you go for a neutral gray or brown brick color, you can get pretty close to a new and interesting style. Avoid bright white mortar if you go with this since a more neutral color will make it look better. Look around before you pick one brick cladding system since this is an expensive change.

2. Stone Veneer

Stone is quickly becoming the most popular material to build with. Stone veneer siding will give your home the look of beautiful stone while getting to work off of the base you already have on your home. Remember to go for sandy to gray colors to keep the farmhouse aesthetic.

3. Wood Siding

Wood siding and modern farmhouses are a pair made in heaven. From the incredible texture of wood grain to the sustainability and rustic appeal, you can get a lot from this style of siding. On farmhouses, white, gray, or tan are the top picks for paint colors on wood siding. Make sure you go for a company that knows how to seal the wood and has awesome reviews from customers.

4. Steel Siding

Steel siding has made a huge movement in recent years, with many recognizing how eco-friendly, resilient, and attractive it is. Manufacturers now offer it in a large range of styles, textures, and other options that will have people debating whether it's Hardie board vs. wood siding before they’d ever guess it was steel.

This is a long-lasting and resilient siding type that any property would benefit from.

5. Vinyl Siding

Vinyl siding is awesome because of how affordable it is, how available it is, and how many options it comes in. Not only is this one of the most resilient types of siding, but it also looks fantastic and can emulate almost any other style or material. Although some don't like vinyl because it's plastic, it can last longer and doesn't require as much maintenance as wood or brick.

6. Composite Siding

Composite siding is one of the top choices for people who want a wood look but want it to last as long as and look as good as vinyl siding. Composite is generally affordable, it's sustainable as long as you're getting it from the right company, and it's one of the few materials that weren't affected by the huge price boom that a lot of materials saw after 2020.

Although it doesn’t last as long as steel siding, it should still be a top contender for your gorgeous farmhouse home.

7. Insulated Siding

Regardless of what style of siding you get, you need to ensure it's as insulated as possible. Well-insulated siding will block out as much noise, moisture, insect life, and temperature fluctuations as possible while also lowering your energy bills and making your home more efficient.

When you pick what material and style you want, you need to make sure to find a company that will help you insulate your home when you add it.

8. The Styles Beyond Classic Horizontal Siding

Although classic horizontal siding is a great look, it's not the only choice you have. You can lean further into a rustic look, or make it more modern, depending on what type of siding speaks to you.

Vertical siding allows a more farm-like look, giving it a little more country flair, while shingle siding can allow your home to feel cuter and more like a caricature of a farmhouse. Stone has been increasingly popular, with a horizontal building system that makes it look hand-built.

The style depends entirely on your own taste.

Your Farmhouse Should Amaze People!

Whether you're updating it for yourself or to sell, this should be a building you're proud to flaunt. Consider updating your farmhouse soon to make it a one-of-a-kind property anyone would love to own!

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