A Surgical Navigation System enables the surgeon to execute and perform a medical procedure

Published Jul 5, 2022 

Anjali Pawar
By Anjali Pawar

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Surgical navigation technology enables surgeons to precisely track instrument positions and project them onto pre-operative imaging data. This advanced technology is frequently compared to GPS tracking, which allows travellers to see their exact location on a map. A computer workstation, as well as hardware for tracking the position of instruments, are included in the surgical navigation equipment.

Despite the availability of optical and electromagnetic tracking, most sinus surgeons prefer electromagnetic tracking. The demand for this technology has grown as it allows for the easy mapping of the patient's brain and a better understanding of how to carry out surgical operations efficiently. Furthermore, the demand for Surgical Navigation System has increased due to technological advancements all over the world, complexities in medical procedures, and a large number of deaths due to traditional methods; however, the surgical navigation systems' high cost limits their market.

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