Ag-Analytics® and Farm Flight Launch Fully Remote On-Demand UAV Service

Ag-Analytics® and Farm Flight Launch Fully Remote On-Demand UAV Service

Published Apr 25, 2020 

Ag-Analytics® ( announced the launch of its long-awaited fully remote, on-demand UAV Service – a custom flight service to assist farmers by providing fast, cost-effective UAV flights and machine learning analysis. The cost starts as low as $210 for a 60-acre field or $2.40/acre for larger fields. Farmers can easily place a no-obligation order in under 5 minutes with the fly-out occurring in 3-5 days. Customers are billed at flight time. The process is done entirely remotely, so does not require any physical contact. Ag-Analytics is also offering a limited-time deal of a $100 credit on first-time orders of $500 or more. Users can optionally easily link their John Deere Operations Center or Climate FieldView accounts for more streamlined information flow for free.

“In light of recent events, the need for timely, cost-effective remote solutions could never be higher and more urgent. The Ag-Analytics On-Demand UAV Service allows farmers to easily order UAV flights and custom analytics without even leaving the office,” says Josh Woodard, CEO of Ag-Analytics. “Through our partner network with Farm Flight, we can send a pilot out and deliver fast, professional, and safe UAV services on-demand without the typical hassle and high cost.”

Customers can easily order for their specific field(s) through a simple web map (, pick reports, and get a total cost estimate in under 5 minutes. A UAV pilot will then confirm the flight schedule by email or phone, and complete the flight, typically within 3 to 5 days. When completed, the report is delivered to the grower via email and through the Ag-Analytics portal with a fully interactive map application and advanced analyses such as plant health, stand-count and much more.

Farms in America today are looking to increase efficiency. Keeping up with that trend means adoption of new techniques to optimize operations. The Ag-Analytics On-Demand UAV Service captures high precision data from fields using gigapixel imagery. Irrigation leaks, infections, pests, and other potential problem areas become apparent when viewed on the scale that UAV imaging can provide. It also uses machine learning algorithms to count every single plant in fields with a 98% accuracy. Field stress can be graded in a percentage format, and the nitrogen status in crops can be easily monitored. This information can be used to determine seed quality, where to apply additional fertilizer, if there are specific sections of your fields that need attention, proving your loss, and if it is the right choice to replant. Service is currently limited to the US.

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