Ag Spotlight with AgFuse Founder Pat Rogers- AgFuse Offers a FREE Social Platform Exclusively for Farmers and Ag Professionals to Connect

Published Aug 22, 2021 in North American Ag  

AgFuse is a social networking site created exclusively for farmers and the agricultural community. AgFuse provides a valuable platform to create and build industry connections, while offering unique features that allow for users to stay up-to-date on the latest innovations, research, etc. within the ag space. AgFuse founder Pat Rogers joins Chrissy Wozniak to share how AgFuse came to be, how it has evolved since it's introduction, and how it will continue to serve the ag community.

AgFuse is a valuable tool for farmers and producers alike. Never before has there been a platform that enables farmers, experts, suppliers and farm organizations to communicate with one another with such effectiveness and ease. On AgFuse, you can create or join interest groups about a specific topic, make connections, reach your audience and share what you're passionate about through the articles feature. AgFuse also offers an app that is easy to use and makes staying on top of ag updates easier than ever before.