Agricultural Liquid Silicone Trisiloxane Adjuvant surfactant

Published Feb 28, 2021 

PRODUCT NAME: Agricultural Silicone Trisiloxano adjuvant

Appearance light amber liquid light amber liquid
Viscosity, 25°C,mm2/s 20-61 30
Surface Tension, 25°C,mN/m 20.0-23.0 21.3
Specific Gravity, 25°C, g/cm3 1.001-1.050 1.015
RRESULTS: Up to the standard

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QS-308 spray adjuvant is a super-spreading surfactant based on a trisiloxane ethoxylate. vf-308 spray adjuvant lowers the surface tension of spray solutions, beyond that which is achievable with conventional adjuvants.
Typically, vf-308 spray adjuvant (@ 0.1 wt %) gives an aqueous surface tension of vf-308 spray adjuvant helps lower the aqueous surface tension more effectively than conventional spray adjuvants. Because vf-308 spray adjuvant is a super-spreading surfactant, the contact angle of spray solutions on leaf surfaces is reduced, leading to an increase in spray coverage (Figure 1).
Additionally, under specific conditions, vf-308 spray adjuvant promotes rapid uptake of agrochemicals into plants via stomatal infiltration. Spray solutions taken into plants in this way become rain fast, thereby improving application reliability (Figure 2).
Unlike other trisiloxane alkoxylates, which are negatively affected by oil based components (i.e. EC formulations, spray oils, etc.), vf-308 spray adjuvant provides enhanced spreading in many of these types of formulations relative to competitive organosilicone based adjuvants (Figure 3).

vf-308 spray adjuvant is nonionic in nature, making it useful with a broad range of agrochemical formulations.

Figure 1:Spreading
Spreading of Mancozeb Spray Formulation on Potato Foliage (Adjuvant Rate : XmL/100 Liters)
Figure 2:Uptake
Uptake of C-DOG into Bean Leaf (10 Min.A.T.)
DOG=Radio Labeled Deoxyglucose uptake at 10 Minutes After Treatment
Figure 3: Spreading of Oil Based Agrochemicals (EC Formulation )
Influence of Adjuvant on "Tank-Mix" Spreading Properties Organosilicone (0.1 wt%)+Triclopyr ,Butoxy Ester EC @ 0.3%
Triclopyr as the butoxy ester @ 600 g/L (Emulsifiable Concentrate Formulation )

2. Key Features And Typical Benefits
Superspreader for soluble liquid and emulsifiable concentrate formulations
Promotes spray volume reduction
Promotes rapid uptake of agrochemicals (rainfastness)
Improves spray coverage
Meets requirements of EPA 40CFR§180.910