Agronomics Announces Actions to Achieve Net Zero Carbon Emissions by 2040

Agronomics Announces Actions to Achieve Net Zero Carbon Emissions by 2040

Published Sep 20, 2021 

Agronomics is proud to have signed The Climate Pledge and as part of our commitment to the Pledge we’re implementing the integration of solar micro-grid smart power to deliver farming sustainability. Concerns surrounding climate change continue to rise and it is our responsibility as an organization to be held accountable for our environmental impacts. The world is facing a critical need for a sustainable supply of healthy food to supplement traditional agriculture. Addressing the problem requires “game-changing” thinking. Agronomics is the agriculture disrupter developing sustainable indoor farming that supports and enhances traditional agriculture with a big impact. The integration of sustainable indoor vertical farming with state-of-the-art fresh produce processing and cold storage warehousing into a single facility powered by solar micro-grid smart power technology, having little to no carbon footprint is just the beginning. Agronomics is united with fellow signatories of The Climate Pledge in the fight against climate change by doing everything possible to abate carbon emissions. The World is in a climate and food crisis, and we are dedicated to this bold move with The Climate Pledge to leave a better world for future generations. “We only have one planet, let's save it while we still have a fighting chance." - Joseph Griffith, PsyD - Founder Agronomics by G Squared Land Management.

We implement the Integration of solar micro-grid smart power to deliver farming sustainability. This approach in fresh food production nearly eliminates carbon emissions in production and supply chain and delivers:

· Increased use of alternative energy to create optimal use of space

· Escalated crop production per acre: 1-acre indoor vertical is equivalent to 4-6 acres traditional

· 5 to 7 harvest cycles per year

· Significantly reduces carbon emissions and increases sustainability

This is how we become net zero carbon by 2040. Agronomics in addition to the 200+ signatories vow to address the climate crisis and why we are signing The Climate Pledge.

About The Climate Pledge

In 2019, Amazon and Global Optimism co-founded The Climate Pledge, a commitment to reach the Paris Agreement 10 years early and be net-zero carbon by 2040. Now, 201 organizations have signed The Climate Pledge, sending an important signal that there will be rapid growth in demand for products and services that help reduce carbon emissions. For more information, visit


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