Arginine functions in plants

Published Oct 12, 2022 

          Arginine is a precursor substance which could synthesize signal molecule in crops,can obvious bring a advantage to promote the synthesis of signal molecule nitric oxide and polyamine(PA), nitric oxide can induce the formation of adventitious roots and lateral roots by regulating auxin,promote the expansion of crop roots and absorb more water and nutrients, at the same time, polyamines can regulate the concentration of cytokinin, promote root growth at low concentration, inhibit root growth at high concentration, maintain appropriate root shoot ratio, and promote healthy growth of crops.Arginine and polyamines also could increase the number of new roots at seedling stage of crops ,this brings to significant seedling strengthening effects. Nitric oxide and polyamines are also involved in improving crop resistance as signal molecules. When crops are infected by pathogens, the content of polyamines and nitric oxide in crops will increase rapidly, inducing the death of infected cells, shedding from plants, and preventing pathogens from continuing to infect healthy cells.

          Enhance the disease resistance of crops. When crops are under drought stress, nitric oxide can mediate hydrogen peroxide and abscisic acid to regulate stomatal closure and reduce water loss. In addition, nitric oxide can regulate the relative permeability of crop plasma membrane, promote the accumulation of proline, reduce cell water potential and improve crop drought resistance. In addition , nitric oxide converted from arginine could reach crops seed dormancy , promote its germination thus improve germination rate . And Polyamines transformed by arginine can promote the division of flower primordium and the formation of flower organs, thereby promoting flower bud differentiation and crop growth.

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