ATV Safety Device

Quadbar Crush Protection Device

ATV Safety Device

Published Mar 27, 2018 

Can you lift 660lbs? The average ATV or Quad weighs in excess of 660lbs, and when they flip or roll, the rider can become entrapped underneath. When gravity and momentum are available the ATV will continue to roll causing costly damage to the machine.

Roll cages and roll bars, all require a restraint in order to meet standards this makes them ineffective on an ATV because the rider needs freedom of movement to shift their weight in order to ride safely and effectively.

These issues have lead to the creation of the CPD or Crush Protection Device, of which the Quadbar designed and manufactured in Australia is the most effective at preventing serious injury or death from a roll over by creating space between the ground and the ATV, or stoping the ATV from completing further rolls. The unobtrusive Quadbar sits below the riders head to avoid snags on trees, whilst providing unprecedented rider safety without impeading the riders movement. Many Australian industries have fitted the Quadbar to their ATV fleets. The Quadbar is now available in Canada for $595 MRP. For more info please visit