Changing the World and Helping Farmers Increase Profit with Seekar Technologies CEO Kordel France

Updated Oct 5, 2021 in North American Ag  

This week Chrissy Wozniak is sitting down with Kordel France, CEO of Seekar Technologies. 

Seekar is solving today's problems with tomorrow's technology. Seekar utilizes artificial intelligence and computer vision to provide smarter crop diagnostics and field management. 

Seekar packs the agriscience lab into a high-tech mobile solution so that farmers can have on-demand crop health analysis in the palm of their hand. Whether the need is to diagnose the sensitivity to late blight in potatoes or to help determine a precise watering schedule, Seekar's platform will cut costs of field visits and put you back in control of your crops' health. 

Seekar's agriscience software combines aerial drone analysis with machine learning in order to help consultants determine flaws in watering patterns, severity of wheat leaf rust in a field, and more. Make intelligent decisions faster, cheaper, and more accurately with Seekar. 

To learn more about Seekar Technologies, visit their website here: