Choose a High-Quality Fiber Laser Ceramic

Published Oct 6, 2022 

Fiber laser ceramic is a material that is required to be highly resistant to wear or temperature changes, especially in industrial applications. If the substrate becomes more sensitive to mechanical impact when the hardness is increased, there is a loss of quality. For this reason, it becomes essential to use WSX laser ceramic to avoid microscopic cracks during the marking process.

Ceramic holders of raytool materials are used for electronic components, for example, they commonly used semiconductor boards for medical implants and tableware or sanitary items and the parts are often varnished or coated. Fiber lasers can take advantage of using ceramic and it is non-contact, the material is flexible in fabrication and results in very fine and sharp contour marks. Laser parameters are selected individually, depending on the special characteristics of the material. For color effects, it becomes possible to additionally laser mark the engraved areas. Fiber laser is a suitable marking system for engraving.