Corrugated Packaging Materials Preventing Environmental Degradation

Corrugated Packaging Materials Preventing Environmental Degradation

Published Dec 8, 2022 

Corrugated packaging materials are being used in large quantities in the electrical and electronics industry, owing to the increasing consumption of consumer electronics that demands packaging in lightweight micro- and fine-flute corrugated configurations. Besides, the expansion of the e-commerce sector will also amplify the sales of such materials, as it has become the most convenient and affordable option for purchasing electronic devices. With the rising demand for consumer electronic goods, the consumption of these packaging materials will escalate in the coming years.

The electrical and electronics and processed food industries are increasing their reliance on corrugated packaging, as it is made up of natural materials and is one of the most cost-effective packaging solutions for these sectors. Since these materials are developed from natural ingredients, they have the highest recycling rate in comparison to the other packaging materials. In recent years, regulatory and government bodies have raised numerous concerns regarding sustainability and environment. Owing to these reasons, end-use industries are switching to environment-friendly packaging materials for packaging their products.

Moreover, corrugated packaging solutions also find wide application in industries such as footwear, chemicals, tobacco, personal and household care, beverages, wood and timber, furniture, direct mail and dispatch, glassware and ceramics, transport, paper, apparel, textiles, and fresh food produce. It is being projected that the burgeoning demand for personal and household care products like home furniture, cosmetics, and personal care items will fuel the adoption of corrugated packaging solutions in the near future.

The broadening application base of these cost-effective and environment-friendly packaging materials in various end-use industries has encouraged market players, such as Nine Dragons Paper (Holdings) Limited, Packaging Corporation of America, Georgia-Pacific Equity Holdings LLC, International Paper Company, Lee & Man Paper Manufacturing Ltd., DS Smith PLC, Smurfit Kappa Group, Mondi Group, and Oji Holdings Corporation, to produce corrugated packaging materials in large quantities. The packaging solutions developed by these players help e-commerce and courier companies in easy and convenient delivery of goods to the door-step of consumers.

Geographically, the Asia-Pacific (APAC) region dominated the corrugated packaging market in the past, due to the escalating influence of the west and increasing shift toward retail ready-to-eat food. The hectic lifestyle of people and rapid urbanization in the region have fueled the adoption of durable and non-durable goods. In recent years, India and China have observed significant rise in the consumption of processed foods, therefore, creating high demand for these materials. Moreover, largescale export of automotive parts and consumer electronics from China and Japan have boosted the usage of the materials in APAC.

Thus, the growth of the processed food, electrical and electronics, and e-commerce sectors will lead to the largescale consumption of corrugated packaging materials, globally.