Dicamba ban - got a Plan B - 12 consultants share their ideas for 2021

Dicamba ban - got a "Plan B" - 12 consultants share their ideas for 2021

Published Sep 7, 2020 

Producers could be without 3 primary over-the-top dicamba products in 2021 if a critical court ruling holds. Essentially, the decision banned dicamba, which strips away the main feature in dicamba-resistant technology – dicamba itself.

Even before the 2020 crop wrapped up, many farmers and their crop advisors already were considering their Plan B – a weed management approach for 2021 that omits dicamba altogether.

So, what will go into these Plan B’s?

We posed that question to 12 consultants in 10 states across the Midwest, Midsouth, Southeast and Southwest.

How will they and their clients formulate an approach in a year without the herbicide?

Click here to learn about their potential approaches for the coming crop year.

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